Online Player tips to help avoid computer crashes

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Apr 25th, 2017, 7:17pm

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  Online Player tips to help avoid computer crashes
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Online Player tips to help avoid computer crashes
« Thread started on: Jun 22nd, 2010, 2:33pm »

NOtes for Playing Demolition Derby and F8 Online
Computer Crash Prevention!!!

The game will crash even if everything is done right. But you can limit the amount of downtime with some preventative measures.
Listen to the host!

A) Make sure you have background programs turned off, open windows closed, MSN messenger, yahoo etc, facebook anything including music downloading software turned off. A CLEAN SYSTEM WITH JUST THE GAME Running is the safest. There will be fewer crashes and players will not drift off the screen when someone tries to MSN them or a program searches there computer for music etc. GOOGLE CHROME WILL CRASH THIS GAME!!! FACEBOOK WILL INTERUPT THE GAME AND IS BRUTAL. MAKE SURE ITS NOT RUNNING OR OPEN ON ANY COMPUTER ON YOUR LOCAL AREA NETWORK

A1) Make certain Virus protection programs are turned OFF or set to GAMING MODE. AGV, MacFee and Norton all interefere with this game and make cars float off the screen or freeze them. CA SECURITY IS MISERY

A2) Set screen resolutions to 600 or MEDIUM within the game settings.

B) End all texting before starting a race. We love to chatter. The host needs to clear the screen and make sure no incoming texts interfere with the start. When you see a countdown 30, 20, 15, 10 stop texting.

C) If a player connects and it FREEZES your computer, don't panic. That player has a partial connection and it will drop automatically. THe player needs to exit the game and reload it. Sometimes they have to turn off background programs or reboot. If the player has logged back in and you see TWO of them. One is FAKE, notify the host you see TWO of the same player .

C1) If you find that you connected and no one is responding, it is possible that you have a partial connection. The computer will automatically disconnect you and you need to relog in. If the problem persists, you may have to power down and reboot or at least exit the game and reload it.

D) DO NOT Enter the PReGrid and then leave if avoidable. Do not jump in and out of the pregrid as this tricks the host computer and it will crash. If a player leaves, the host will clear the screen by Backing out and returning and ALL players will have to relog back into the pregrid.

E) IF ANY PLAYER sees -1 on their screen, they WILL CRASH

E) IF ANY PLAYER sees -1 on their screen, they WILL CRASH

EVERYONE PLAYING WITH CUSTOM CARS MUST HAVE THE SAME CARS IN THEIR SELECTION WINDOWS and THEY MUST WORK. If a player has 63 Ford and it crashes in singles mode, the moment someone grabs a 63 Ford in Multiplayer that player will crash.

Clarification: tbd

H) Countdown!!! IF the countdown hits 40 or (WAITING FOR HOST lasts longer then 1.15 minute... I can guarrantee the connection isn't going to recover. Hit ESCAPE or exit and restart. If the countdown won't stop and you hit escape and it restarts the count... YOUR TOAST!!! Try Control/Alt/Delete

A restart/computer reboot is in the works. This is worse then a computer crash to the desktop because it often requires a total reboot.

I) When you know and trust other players and the host, thing go smoothly. You will notice that the game will A) Crash, B)Freeze, more often whenever new players are involved.

J) Make time to train new players to your system. Once they know your routine things go smoothly.

K) Respectful players let the host know when its their last derby. That helps if there is a computer crash and you reboot and they don't come back.

L) If there is a problem when a derby is running players can signal by ... A) Leaving the game. If more then one leaves, you probably have a problem. If you are out of the derby and there is a problem, the drivers tend to park or bump the host car . Don't hit the pause button. Don't jump to conclusions if someone is hitting the PAUSE button. The pause key is near the Cheat to restart keys and is often hit by mistake.

M) Remember, Players Can't connect when a Derby is in session.

N) Let the host know you are trying to connect to a derby.

O) If you contact the host, expect a reply in 10 minutes, about the length of time it takes to run a derby. Hosts will hold open the grid if they know you are trying to connect.

P) If you have never connected online before, its best to try to connect whenever a host is offering testing vs during a busy derby session with lots of players.
You Cannot Connect while a Derby is in Session.

Q) SELF MODDED CARS!!! While it shouldn't be the case, it has proven VERY problematic that those who take a Custom Car and change the Paint or Bodyshape, cause a crash to other players or self online. Now with the number of players modding their cars, I suggest you rename them and keep them for personal use. Do not try to use these modded cars during multiplayer derbies, and have your cars tested with the HOST before you make a bad guess. The same goes for those who are changing stock game cars. DO NOT DO THIS!!! The host wants to host Derbies not Computer Crashes. LEAVE THE STOCK GAME CARS ALONE if you are playing online. You are not funny, cute, smart or cheating when you surprise people with your modded Stock Game car. You are simply causing another variable for a computer crash that we don't need.

Leave Class files alone unless you have DIRECT permission from your host. Leave Custom Cars and Custom Class files Alone unlessyou have DIRECT permisson from your host.

This has become problematic of late!!!!!!!!!

R) Custom cars have different PaintSize Bitmaps. Certain Cars have 1024 X 1024, 512 X 512, and 256 X 256. The smaller 256 works best for online and is what StockGamecars use for paint. The cars with the larger paint bitmaps use up more memory and Smaller computers will crash with 2 cars using 1024 X 1024 bitmaps. (I will be drafting up a list of custom car bitmap sizes when I find the time). A Car like this is the 572 Cadillac

These are ONLINE gaming tips. This is not about what you do with your cars for your single player derbies.

WIth the number of people who are playing this game online growing very rapidly and more cool modders and car builders coming back or learning, it is important that the players understand that ALL CARS must be available and the same for this game to work properly. The more you mod... it crashes.. and if that continues. No one will want to play.

Finally, If you want to kill the fun of playing this game. Cheat, Lie or create unbeatable car like the DentEn4cer. Modify stock game cars and upset the balance of play.

This game works. Its Fun. I have found that the game is incredibly fun, but only as fun as the players involved. I have hosted over 1000 Derbies (HURRAY) and I want to host 10000 more.

A player who Keeps up the nonsense will not only not be wanted around, the Host will pack it in if things aren't fun and the vibe isn't good.

Most of what the host is doing is trying NOT to have the Game Crash, and trying TO make sure everyone has a great time.

Its Been A blast so far.

I will add to this work in progress....Hope this helps for now

Lagging troubles..

#1 is anti virus and anti spyware.

#2 Make sure your set for ISDN (Not cable or DSL) or you are trying to go faster then us and it will really make your car look jumpy on screen.

#3) Within your game options set your screen to lowest 640 setting and your Details to medium.

#4) Each host has the right to ban any cars or class files or players who are not listening. Listen to the host. If u disagree with the host.....then....

Host your own derbies. (Tips for hosting are available).

It won't take long to figure out why hosts do what they do.
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Re: Online Player tips to help avoid computer cras
« Reply #1 on: Jul 17th, 2010, 08:34am »

Some facts about connections:

Q) My car stayed and everyone floated off the screen.

A) You lost your connection. Its caused by some sort of internet disruption including your own anti-virus programs. Problem is on your end. Could be msn messenger. Can be FACEBBOOK

Q) I saw one car float away

A) A player has lost their connection. Something has affected their internet connection. Antivirus, Msn MEssenger, power outage, etc. The game continues.

Q) I was playing and the count started on my car while I was still active.

A) This happens in multiplayer games when there isn't enough bandwidth. The host computer doesn't have capacity to serve all the players. Usually happens in 6 player or more derbies. Can occassionally happen with 5 Players. Bandwidth is always subject to change and can be different from one heat to another. The player with the Highest Ping time will likely get counted out. So, make sure u have the best connection possible.
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