Everything you need to know about DD&F8

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Apr 28th, 2017, 10:53am

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  Everything you need to know about DD&F8
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Everything you need to know about DD&F8
« Thread started on: Nov 10th, 2011, 1:15pm »

Demolition Derby and Figure 8 Racing is a PC game released in 2001. It works on your home computer in singles play against computer cars and it can work online and u play against others who have the game.

The reason we can play online today is the result of 3 months of hardwork and troubleshooting that started in January of 2010 by a bunch of guys with no technical or computer experience.

I want to thank those who helped get this thing going again and put up with night after night and month after month of testing.... "anything happening on your end? nope nothing, its not working"

You can play this game online today because of these people 572BB, CaddyCrasher, Showstopper, Lexcorp, DerbyFun, Strassman, Cheater22x and finally THE BOSS , who actually put the information I gathered together and made the first connection between him and another friend. Now today, we have the resources to help people connect, more people to help others to connect. More information on Firewalls and Routers. And more users of Vista and Windows 7.

1) Threads on where we post IP addresses and play the game

Where to Purchase the Game

Where to find a FULL version of Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Version 1.0 with an extra Football Track

Where to find the Version 1.22 patch (FREE) to play online if you have only Version 1.0 of the game.

This game was made for Windows 95 to XP. Here are Help links to get it to work on Vista and W7.

How to install on Vista

How to install on Windows 7
Windows 7

How to play online

How to Open/ADD Ports to allow the game to work online if blocked by Security, Firewalls, and Router Security,

START HERE!!! For XP, Read this thread if you have Vista or W7 for the general information.


Vista online Tutorial

W7 Online Tutorial

Online Player Tips to Avoid Crashing and having your Signal CUTOFF or Interupted.

Online HOSTING help, hints and tips.

Demolition Derby and Figure 8 Forums!!!
Read the "Trouble Registering threadS"
General and Online sections open to public.
These sites DO NOT COST MONEY to join.



No one had been able to connect online for over 3 years. In some cases many many more years then that because Microsoft had locked out there own program that the game relied upon. This game was DEAD in the water. Its old, its flakey, and it didn't work online. But it is also a HELL OF ALOT OF FUN to play and is the BEST derby game out there and anyone who thinks different can kiss my ass. No other game is 10 years old and still played like this one is. Bugs and all. And there is a revival happening and while it can be played online, remember, there are MANY pitfalls and crashes to put up with. But we do because when this game works, its a pile of fun.



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Re: Everything you need to know about DD&F8
« Reply #1 on: Nov 10th, 2011, 10:12pm »

Well written!


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